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Cancellation Policy

Our Registered Nurses care for you, please care for them. 

Please note that we provide quality services to our clients, thus always having our wonderful nurses scheduled and available for your appointments. To that, we have a strict cancellation policy below: 

  • Cancellation – 24 hour advance notice

If you or part of your group cancel within the 24-hour advance period, you will be refunded fully, but also charged a $50 cancellation fee for individual appointments, and a $50 cancellation fee per person for group appointments.

  • Cancellation – within 2 hour advance notice

Missed appointments or cancellation notifications within 2 hours prior to appointment time are non-refundable.

If part of your group is present for the appointment:

  1. and your group is 3 persons or less, any missing persons will be charged fully
  2. and your group is 4 persons or more, any missing persons will be refunded their charges less a $50 no-show fee per person.  (i.e. if 10 people book and 5 people show: the 5 persons will be charged fully and the no-show 5 persons will be refunded for their services less $50 per person cancellation fee)


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