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Covid Testing for Travel

Covid Testing for Travel

Mobile Rapid COVID testing for traveling both domestic and international. We can send Registered Nurses to YOUR LOCATION (home, office, hotel, or other) within Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Delray, Sunny Isles Beach, Aventura, Miami and surrounding areas! Keep safe and away from others by staying without the need to step into a crowded area or wait on a long line. Accurate and timely COVID-19 test results administered by Registered Nurses and tested by industry leading laboratories, all without the need to leave your location or wait in line.

These tests are International Travel approved! Take a look at our reviews to see what folks are saying about the amazing and caring staff at Quality Health Care Concierge. Please have a look at our prices below.

Give us a call at 888-981-5595 or email us at to schedule an appointment today!

PCR Testing:

At-Home Emergency PCR Test
– $495

At-Home Rapid PCR Test
– $299

At-Home Standard PCR Test
– $225

Drive-Up Urgent PCR Test
– $175

Antigen Testing:

At-Home Rapid Antigen Test
– $225

Verbal results in 15 minutes with same-day travel document

Drive-Up Antigen Testing
– $199

Verbal results in 15 minutes with same-day travel document

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    Quality Health Care Concierge is here to help the South Florida community. With our main office in Boca Raton (just off of Mizner Park), have a Registered Nurse travel to your location to conduct international travel approved COVID-19 testing.

    Instead of standing in line or potentially having to wait for results, a Registered Nurse can assist by coming to your home, office, hotel, or preferred location. Having a Registered Nurse come to your location helps you skip the clinic, public center, and even the long lines to get tested for Coronavirus/COVID-19. Below are the three offerings that provide both 99% accuracy and are administered by Registered Nurses at the comfort of your location or our Covid drive-up:

    Perfect for Travel – Covid PCR Test

    – International Flight Approved
    – 99% Accuracy with results in as little as 5 hours
    – Detects SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus/COVID – 19)
    – Administered via nasal swab by a Registered Nurse at the comfort of your location (such as home, office, or hotel)
    – FDA approved
    – CLIA-Certified laboratory (only lab fee can be covered by most insurance plans)
    – PCR is the Gold Standard within testing
    * Below prices are with US Health Insurance. Otherwise, $100 fee applies.
    Contact For Rapid PCRRapid – Results In 5-24 Hours
    Contact For PCRStandard – Results In 24-48 Hours
    contact for drive-upDrive-Up Testing w/ 24 hour results
    Contact us

    For Certain Travel – Instant Antigen Test

    – Detects SARS-CoV-2 (Coronavirus/COVID – 19)
    – Administered via either throat or nasal swab by a Registered Nurse at the comfort of your location (such as home or office)
    – FDA Approved
    – Results within 15 minutes
    – Can only be used for certain International Travel (please review with Consulate)
    Contact For Antigen
    At-Home Rapid Antigen COVID Test
    contact for drive-up
    Drive-Up Antigen Testing

    The Travel COVID-19 Test Process is Simple:

    1. Call 888-981-5595, email or fill out the form above to schedule an appointment
    2. A Registered Nurse will drive to your preferred location
    3. Upon collection of the nasal swab, the Registered Nurse safely transports to a local approved laboratory
    4. Test results are emailed in as little as 5 hours


    Gentle & Non-invasive


    Uncomfortable & Invasive

    These tests are vital to the community as a safeguard and a way to help understand whether the possible symptoms are in fact COVID-19. Beyond that, they are helpful in understanding whether the quick encounter with someone who is positive has left you exposed or used to verify your health for necessary travel. This not only saves time but also keeps you safe by isolating you away from others who are being tested.

    Please note that Rapid Antigen tests are only approved for certain countries and can be used for International Travel. We ask that you review with the Consulate to ensure whether you require an Antigen or PCR Tests can for travel.
    These can be printed out or in most cases shown digitally.
    COVID Travel Test in Florida

    The tests are administered by Registered Nurses and then sent to a state-of-the-art local laboratory which is why the results are generated in such a rapid speed (with results in as little as 5 hours). Please note that the above prices are for the concierge service, however, do not cover laboratory fees which are normally covered by most major insurance plans. The charge is an incremental $100 if you prefer to pay for the laboratory fee out of pocket.

    Discounts available for groups with multiple individuals located at the same location, as well as, for Front Line Workers and Veterans. Test accuracy contingent on certified CLIA laboratories performing high-complexity testing. Testing does not preclude acute or severe infections.

    A few (not the full list) of the destinations that we have conducted an international travel Covid test for:
    – Antigua
    – Aruba
    – Bahamas
    – Brazil
    – Canada
    – China
    – Colombia
    – Cuba
    – Dominican Republic
    – France
    – Greece
    – Hawaii
    – Italy
    – Jamaica
    – Japan
    – Peru
    – Russia
    – Turks and Caicos
    – Ukraine
    – United Kingdom (UK)

    A complete list by the US Department of State can be found here, providing specific information for each country of travel.

    The US Department of State has also issued guidelines as to where it suggests limited travel and areas where not to travel, however, the list is not updated regularly. Please find the link here. Additionally, the CDC has updated it’s travel recommendations by destination list here.

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    Located in the heart of Boca Raton, our staff is able to quickly travel to locations to meet our clients needs. The list below is just a quick view of some of the locations we’ve previously visited to conduct a rapid PCR COVID test for travel. Contact us today to learn more!

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