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Quality Health Care Concierge is a luxury mobile Health Care group specializing in services that promote both health and wellness to our Palm Beach community. Based out of Boca Raton, our elite health care providers mobilize preventative care in services such as IV Therapy, COVID Testing, Injections and Vaccinations, Phlebotomy, and Telemedicine.

Our Registered Nurses are thrilled to help whether you need that extra oomph during a difficult day, or simply stay comfortable at your home instead of traveling to a medical office for standard testing.

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Health Benefits of IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a special vitamin therapy that helps the body to function properly. The therapy is administered to the body through a drip and helps transport vitamins, medication, and hydration to the bloodstream in an effort to prevent or treat dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. This, in turn, makes the nutrients easily accessible to the


Wellness Chat for the Elderly Community with Dr. Michelle Weiner and Michelle Kavall

Michelle Kavall discusses holistic care opportunities with Dr. Michelle Weiner. There are many modalities for therapy for individuals who chose to remain independent in the community. Dr. Michelle Weiner provides interactive education on the holistic care options such as medical cannabis for her clients, as well as, her appreciation for Quality Health Care Concierge in providing


Covid Cases in Fully Vaccinated People

COVID-19, the pandemic that has rooted up lives worldwide, continues to affect normalcy as we know it. A lot has changed and continues to change, and many of us wonder if this will ever end. With the advent of vaccines, hope that had evaporated for so many, started to bloom again. Scientifically, these vaccines, while


Covid Vaccine Wearing Off And Breakthrough Infections

Reports of Covid-19 breakthrough infections in the United States and Israel have many people worried. What people are concerned about is when people that are fully vaccinated test positive for Covid. This is called a breakthrough infection. Most breakthrough infections result in mild to no symptoms proving that vaccines are working the way they should.


Biden Mandates Vaccine or Regular Employee Covid Testing

President Joe Biden announced widespread COVID-19 testing and vaccine mandates on Thursday, September 9th. These measures are intended both to stem the tide of the pandemic and encourage more Americans to get vaccinated. The number of Covid cases in the United States has risen roughly 8% in the past 14 days, and just 54% of


Covid Testing Trial Results

Earlier last year, American Airlines, British Airways and oneworld launched an optional COVID-19 medical-based testing trial on selected flights from the United States (US) to London Heathrow (LHR). This was done to see how COVID-19 testing can reopen international travel and remove the need for passengers to quarantine on arrival. More information on the study


Cardiovascular Awareness Month – February – American Heart Month

February is Cardiovascular “Heart” Awareness Month and every year, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) utilizes this time of the year to raise awareness about heart health! The institute urges Americans to reduce their risk factors for developing cardiovascular disease. This year, it is even more vital than ever, as having Heart Disease

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QHCC is dedicated to a vigorous hiring process. All of our employees are personally trained, undergo a thorough background check, and are personally screened then paired with the member they can help best. It is our mission to provide the utmost of quality care to our community.

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Helpful care givers assisting our members participate in their community.

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Helpful care givers assisting our members participate in their community.

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Helpful care givers assisting our members participate in their community.


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