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About Us

About Us

About the Founder, Michelle Kavall, RN MSN


The Founder of Quality Health Care Concierge, Inc, Michelle Kavall, is an individual that has been a leader in the healthcare field for over a decade with a grown passion for holistic care. With her educational background in Healthcare & Nursing Leadership, she has become a pioneer in the home health care industry in Florida and New York City. In working from large healthcare organizations to mom-and-pop home health companies, volunteer work, studying healthcare trends, and pure personal passion for helping people in the community, she has transcribed the ideal solution in Quality Health Care Concierge.


Michelle has built a strong belief in holistic care and maintaining independence in the community. Through personal family loss, a recognizable need has been founded. Holistic individualized and personalized care for those who seek independence and a better lifestyle.


Quality Health Care Concierge provides elite mobile health care services with individually chosen staff that are educated on personalized care that promote health, wellness, and vitality.

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