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Referral Network for Cannabis Support Services

Referral Network for Cannabis Support Services

Quality Health Care Concierge takes pride in working with highly skilled and top-rated holistic care practitioners. In supporting our vision, our network reduces the stress on our clients and their families in searching for alternative medicine healing opportunities. Some of the vetted practitioners in our network are trusted Acupuncturist, Chiropractors, Physicians, Concierge Practitioners, Alternative Medical Centers, and more. We thrive on the opportunity to enrich lives for our Palm Beach County Community by healing the mind, body, and soul!

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We are affiliated with a Cannabis Educators Program in the state of Florida. This program may provide individualized consultations in the comfort of your own home or your preferred location. We would be glad to refer our clients to them for these professional educational consultative services. This Cannabis Educators program specializes in providing people with the knowledge necessary to utilize Medical Cannabis safely while providing an individualized Plan of Care for each referred client. Their network of Certified Physicians, State approved Medical Cannabis Dispensaries, and team of clinically knowledgeable staff are a true gem and a trusted name in the healthcare community.

Our exquisite and very well vetted network of physician groups have been proven to be the top physicians in the state of Florida with many years of experience and knowledge in holistic health management. All services that may be referred to our clients are from evidence-based practice with highly recognized quality of care being provided to their clients.