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Post-Operative – After Surgery Care

Post-Operative – After Surgery Care

Quality Health Care Concierge can provide support for individuals post-operation to reduce anxiety so that their goal is to heal after the surgery while our caregivers assist with handling daily needs. Our post-operative care staff is highly trained, compassionate, and professional. We thrive on the opportunity to enrich lives for our Palm Beach County Community!

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Surgical procedures and hospitalizations are stressful enough without having to worry about what comes afterward including how to remain safe at home or in the community without being re-hospitalized. Post-surgery or post-hospitalization recovery will likely require the assistance of another individual whether it be for companionship or for physical assistance to complete daily tasks, as patients are often limited in abilities to achieve their activities of daily living. Quality Health Care Concierge understands these challenges and offers a convenient solution for those needing in-home assistance after a surgical procedure or hospital stay. Not only are they the most trusted solution by families looking for support for their loved ones after a procedure but they provide access to top notch support care services that are holistically driven!

Our in-home caregivers are experienced, highly-trained, and ready to assist you in getting settled at home post-surgery or post-hospitalization. Our caregivers will coordinate all of your needs including transportation, meals, medication reminders and organization, as well as provide the mental health wellness and support you may need. Our goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and able to focus on resting and healing in your desired environment.

We will customize an individualized care program based on your needs while intervening as per your doctor’s orders to make sure your healing journey is positive and appropriate.

Quality Health Care Concierge caregivers will fill in the gaps between your physician and others therapies such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, your stay at a skilled nursing facility, or holistic care modalities for therapy.

With the transition from one level of care to another comes the risk of falls, mismanaging medications, failing to meet physical and dietary needs, as well as, potentially mis-handling each individual’s plan of care. We can create a plan unique for you or your loved one to ensure a successful transition form a health care center/facility to your home. We know the appropriate questions to ask your healthcare team to ensure we provide the assistance you need in the comfort of your own home and community.

We understand the critical first days and weeks recovering from surgery and our goal is to match your specific needs with our specialized staff to create your plan, so you will get the rest that is needed for the full recovery in mind body and soul.

Your post-procedure discharge assistance can include:

  • Help following discharge orders
  • Prescription pick-up and errands
  • Medication reminders
  • Grocery shopping
  • Transportation to home and appointments
  • Communication with providers and loved ones
  • Meal preparation
  • Pet care
  • Personal Assistance tasks such as running personalized tasks requested
  • Post-COVID requests: to disinfect surfaces and/or deliveries in order to reduce transfer of bacteria to the home

Our qualified team is trained for your transition from hospital to home and are there every step of the way. You can take comfort in receiving quality care.

Family and friends may be eager to help their loved one(s) recover fully after a procedure. However, most lack the proper training to provide the necessary postoperative home care.

Our holistic caregivers provide the following requested postoperative care services:

  • Support for the care plan to aid in recovery after the surgery
  • Companion services post-op improving mental health while reducing Anxiety/Depression
  • Assistance with household activities and responsibilities, including meal preparation, light housekeeping, and running errands
  • Incidental transportation for postoperative and doctor’s appointments

Below are common Medical Procedures & Conditions Requiring Home Health Care: